“The debut EP from Americana duo David & Olivia, On The Sea, is a melodious love letter to beautiful song-writing.”
We Are Unseen (UK)

“…unique blend of melancholy blues and country… their sound is unmistakably their own.”
AOL MUSIC’s The Boot (US)

“Haunting, simultaneously beautiful and heartbreaking, the song [‘The Ballad of Rose’] combines folk and Americana influences with sincere, ethereal vocals and a lilting melody.”
– For The Country Record (UK)

“…effervescent… Their energy was a mixture of vaudevillian and romantic; something right out of an old western comedy.”
KROQ 106.7FM Los Angeles (US)

“Think beautiful harmonies, well written lyrics, easy breezy feeling arrangements, and you’ve got David & Olivia pegged.”
Guitar World Magazine (US)

“Coastal Americana… mesmerizing… deep… soulful…”
Southern Distinction Magazine (US)

“…blown away by the chemistry onstage – it was something you just couldn’t take your eyes off of.”
Pens Eye View (US)

“FOLK ART… a new kind of soulful, folksy sound…”
Modern Luxury / Riviera Magazine (US)

“…their debut EP, On the Sea fits perfectly with a summer night, a glass of wine in hand. You get the picture.”
– GW’s Acoustic Nation (US)

“…harmonious duo…”
Pasadena Weekly (US)

“…David Rosales and Olivia May met in a moment that sounds like it was stolen right out of a Hollywood film.”
Orange County Register (US)

“…true, honest, and from the heart.”
Limerence Magazine (US)

Push to Fire (US)

“The whole record in itself has a fresh, barely-produced quality to it that sounds un-touched and spontaneous, perfect for summer-listening…”
We Are Unseen (UK)

“…On The Sea, a collection of sad but sweet modern day Americana love songs.”
Infectious Magazine (US)

“…playful… catchy… clear musical chemistry.”
Charged.FM (US)

“David & Olivia are bringing their melodic sounds to San Diego.”
KSWB FOX 5 San Diego (US)

“…So good… Awesome…”
KX 93.5FM Laguna Beach (US)

“…heartwarming lyrics that will make you feel better about love…even though it’s not always easy.”
Plugged In (US)

“…good ole down home country…”
Soundz of NorCal (US)

“…simple, yet mature songcraft and vocal blend.”
AOL MUSIC’s The Boot (US)

“…folk revival… mellow out w/ the rustic sounds of this vineyard-traveling duo.”
The Desert Sun (US)

“…unique reminiscence of old-school country and modern Americana… so easy to get pulled into the story of each song…”
Southern Distinction Magazine (US)

“Together the duo bring a mix of sounds rooted in acoustic American folk, blues and country.”
Bakersfield Californian (US)

“On The Sea, is a very promising musical love-in from an equally as promising duo.”
We Are Unseen (UK)

“A guitar and two gypsies walk into a bar… and what you end up with is a small concert and the most endearing interview of two people who simply want to do one thing: make music.”
Music In Press (US)

“At SXSW you definitely get a huge variety of music to fulfill anyone’s music tastes, but if you were able to catch a showcase with David & Olivia, I’m sure it was definitely a breath of fresh air for your crazy week in Austin.”
Static Magazine (US)