Be Forgiving For Keeping Love Unity

Saturday, September 23rd 2017. | Relationship

Maintaining relationships has many challenges.  The greatest challenge itself exists in each pair about how they can keep each other and forgive each other. Remember that, there is no perfect man, including you and your spouse. It means that you and your spouse may make a mistake. Either it is big or small, a mistake can have a major impact.

Be Forgiving For Keeping Love UnityThe worst impact of a mistake is separating. From most of the separations that occur only entrust wounds and regrets. So, don’t be surprised when we see a married couple who reconcile, couples who are still dating back together. It’s not every mistake to be punished. Should not there be a deterrent effect that should be given in order not to make the same mistake? Well maybe under certain conditions it can be true. But in relationships you should note the following things:

–    You also have the opportunity to make mistakes and of course need forgiveness

–    Mistakes can happen accidentally

–    Everyone can change

–    Everybody has a good side

No matter what mistakes your partner makes. Try to forgive him. Don’t be vengeful who will be friends with regret. Never forget that you’ve made him the best person ever in your life. People who need one word of forgiveness to change for the better, for you and the integrity of your relationship. A quote in an Indian film (Sanam Teri Kasam) says “People don’t live together because they forget, people live together because they are forgiving.”

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